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ABOUT Mudiwa

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Mudiwa Hood is an experienced Economist, Banker, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, award winning artist and Fashion Mogul who boasts of a variety business empire that stretches from Real Estate,Finance, Construction, Energy, Logistics, Media, Aviation and Clothing Industries.

Mudiwa Hood is the CEO and founder of most of companies that include SkyAngel Private Jet Charter, Fundmass, Optima Construction, Disrupt Media, Mudiwa Hood Holdings (that owns MH Luxury Boutique), Bisep Security, Optima Cleaning, Mudiwa Hood Institute, The Billionaire Academy and Red Carpet Events.


Best Selling author of Shut Up and Make Money, Mudiwa Hood is also holder of 1st class MBA Finance, BSc hon Econs and BSSc Psychology.


An enigma who has private audiences with head of state, parliamentarians, philanthropists, billionaires and influential public figures, Mudiwa Hood argues social capital is a currency itself.

Mudiwa Hood is also a Transformational Speaker, a Success Coach, and Bestselling Author of the motivational book, Shut Up And Make Money.


Born on the 24th of July 1985 in Harare, and mostly known and credited as one of the Pioneers of Christian Hip hop in Zimbabwe. He boasts of three studio albums, Magnet, Mwana WaMambo, and The Street Preacher, all of which have won 31 awards with over 50 nominations from 2012 to 2017, before he shifted focus to business.